Sunday, May 20, 2012

monitor buat hal lagik utk kali ke tiga...

once again my fuJitsu monitor buat hal..ahaha..this is the final year of it's warranty.if it broke down next year,i have to get a new monitor..ahaha..well that is life.nothing last forever.right now i'm using my bro's monitor and it is so small and distorted that it make my eyes "heng"..sending my monitor tomorrow,for a month.ahaha.maybe i'll buy a new one.or i will be patient and wait for my monitor return to me,and mean while,i will ask my friend if he could spare me a monitor since he have 5 that he don't use.right now i feel like all of my mood is gone.writing this in here just to "madah" and "luah" that's the "paksa" smile is much better then a frown and sigh..haahah.. ^^

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