Tuesday, January 1, 2013

tahun lalu kelmarin...

last year i almost always get NO for an answer.sometime i got a maybe,but then it turned into a NO.i guess got rejected make me a wiser man.wise to see things just don't work out without going into deep,being ignored is the sign for me to pack up and leave and expectation,i don't need it.just stick to the present not the future.don't expect anything.just do it.and if it work out,alhamdulillah,if not,alhamdulillah,no worry coz i didn't expect much and that was not for me.i guess i think to much and this gotta change.this year,i'm just gonna do anything,without expecting and thinking much.just want to try something new for this new year of the org puteh kalender.so,yeah.my first resolution for 2013 is not to think too much,stop making expectation in my head,and just do it.

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