Monday, March 9, 2009

By all means be cracktive....errr..creative...

what to do with a slr camera?well you can do like so,

(1)get crafty with it

(2)pose in a pose that people might be disturb seeing it.

(3)take picture in high place of your friend..

(4)just get wacky...gagagahahaha..

(5)it is the crackness in me transform into the creative power..magic..

(6)be someone else...the tambok hat guy...for that time only..


p/s :thanks to luzman and uki for taking picture of me,and thanks to myself for taking picture of luzman and pepsi.. my creative-crackness is my power...


Anonymous said...

*kenak ktk mok sium patong ituew~~aaa aaa~~~

*kasyak gamba pepsi ituew~~~ :P n gamba apizkamen ya ehehe nampak kontotnya eh~~ ehehe

Rusty said...

sik kenak sium patong ituew..haha.manas patong laki sia mun kmk sium patung itu..haha..mak kasih..gamba apiszkamen nampak kontotnya hoo..kmk tgu ktk pun hasil kerjha ngn Nik..