Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cicak?I kill if i see One...really....REALLY!!

REALLY,what is funny to a malaysian ? it the movie like cicakman or the mami jarum funny to a malaysian?,don't know about other, to me cicakman is a waste of time and money kind of a movie.why?do you know someone that got no astro in their house?(well,i do actually).now,after a month or so of the movie showing in the cinema,it will be buy by the astro or if it is not that astro got sponsorship on the movie,they going to play it on the astro ria..why waste rm8 when you waste rm50+ monthly to pay astro.same goes to the movie by a.razak mohideen.why don't i say cicakman is a good and funny movie?well,the movie has no soul of a funny man in it,just a soul of a party clown that kids are afraid of.why did cicakman got to be a funny movie?why can't they make it a serious with a little bit of humor in it kind of movie?no,they had to go all the way nonsense and use the number one malaysian comedy man,saiful apek..yes,he is kinda funny,sometime,not all the time.even when i got nothing to do,or my boring self take me over,i would not sit and watch the movie,i rather be watching the discovery channel...i admire the spending for cgi in the movie,not as good as the american cgi,but good effort by a malaysian(clap,clap)...but still,the movie sucks..not that i'm condemning the malaysian movie industry that produce love comedy,stupid comedy,and the police no comedy but serious love movie,but what i want to say,it is time for the movie maker in malaysia to go berserk and produce a decent movie,out of the typical malaysian movie theme ..and don't use the same actor all over again and AGAIN...what type of decent movie?well,cepet is good,gubra,and errr...well,i dont really watch malaysian movie even though i'm a malaysian ...haha...yes,i know the two decent movie that i mention is from the same director,coz i can't think of other decent movie.if you have a decent malaysian made movie,let me know..haha..end..

p/s : i'm not movie critic,i'm just a movie watcher...haha...if my rambling offend you in any way possible,please,tell me..haha...and if you don't understand what i ramble about,u don't understand la..haha..end..

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