Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ne Abg Ne????

so,now is already a week i send my Baby to be my baby,i mean,my boring without it..can't do anything...hahiya...even flasha is boring with out her piggy ride on his bro back..haiya.i hope next week,my baby come back to me,good and healthy.hope it come back to me on Monday.not on Friday..and hope i don't have to miss out on any photo shooting that involve people giving me money..haha..anyway,my other baby that i sik jadi nak sell,i still haven't finish buiding,busy chasing waves..haha...hope by chasing the wave,i can buy more baby..haha...

p/s: Ooo,where oooo where could my baby he alright?did he make a lot of friends?

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khairul azman onggon said...

wah... photog ka bro?? Kmk minat juak fotografi.. tok website kmk ngan blog merepak tok