Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aku Ambik Gamba Hujan Mlm Tdk..haha

happy,Happy...i'm so happy last night...why?No.1.i got my picture goes to JUNK "mistake" picture of UR'S,is used in JUNK..haha...therefore,Ambik kau,Someone!!!..haha...blur face,accepted by the kecik ati,someone..haha...No.2..Tonight i got to go and sit,eat,talk and took picture with *drum roll*..HUJAN!!!!!!HUJAN!!!!! long i wanted to take my picture with them.and i got the chance to do was fun to talk with the ever so hyper,anyway,here is the picture i took with Noh and Hujan New bassist,Jaja...

Me Noh Jaja

my "mistake"picture in junk along with my name in Junk mag!!

anyway,got a lot of picture taken from hujan.want to see it?,go to Junk Mag,it's cover are red in colour and got a picture of a man in black..haha..Yey!!!happy,happy..haha..


Anonymous said...

aaa gamba noh ya cam nak sium ktk ho~~aaa aaa jeng3~~

Tempat gamba dan kerepakkan Rusty said...

nya nang cam nak cium kmk..haha..p just for fun la...haha..