Monday, October 27, 2008

Mari begambar dengan flasha..

this is the picture taken when i used my flasha..yey..the model?my gundam zaku and Gaia of armored core..they are so cooperative,and didn't make any moves when i took their picture..haha..first up..
Zaku..posing in a cool way..haha..

then i got zaku again,just slightly different angle..

and lastly,i got my Gaia taken from above his head..
well,I'm still learning on UTILIZING flasha function.and on other news,flasha big bro is going to be sent for service today..WAAAAA!!!!..a week with out my is going to be lonely for flasha and i..well,if a200 is not service,i can't take great quality,i guess it is for the best..

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