Monday, October 13, 2008

learning from it,mistake that it is..

the picture above is a picture that i took last Friday for you can see this picture is one of many picture that i make mistake when taking them.. i'm well aware of it..why i did these kind of mistake? is that i have no formal education or certificate in photography,and all of my knowlagde about taking picture is by mentor like that..i just ask my friend and by trial and error..therefore,i'm an amature...anyway,someone comment the picture,i quote-someone-":oops: ada pic first ya.. muka abg blur.. syg seribu kali syg.. ambik gmbr nice² agik next time. CamNikon SLR juak gik.. Btw, gd job laa"..yes,i agree with you,whoever you are,muka abg nang blur...yes,i'll take nicer picture nex time,you bet on it..thanks for the "good job"you gave me,but i use SONY a200 camera,not NIKON..but that is not the case..if you got much better picture then me,show me,so that i can learn from you.i like to learn from others in term of taking picture...and if you wander why my pic is dark,that's because i don't have an additional flash which i will get as soon as possible..and if you read this post,i would like to know your work,so that i can learn form,please give your email,flikr, your blog or your friendster link to me..tq..

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